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Harmonic Mitigation Equipment Manufacturers
We are Leading Manufacturers of Harmonic Filter Equipment

Harmonic Filter Cubicles


These are stand-alone units with different ratings starting from 15-kVAR to 75-kVAR. These are normally used across individual loads, where the Reactive Power Compensation is required at the load end itself to reduce the line current.

These can be switched ON or OFF with current logic. Supplied optionally with incoming switch fuse unit.

The Harmonic Filter switching is either through thyristors or contactors.

Harmonic Filter Cubicles
Harmonic Filter
Harmonic Filters  
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We are Manufacturers of Harmonic Mitigation Equipment and our setup is situated at Pune (Maharashtra, India)
We are well equipped with Power Quality analyzers, and latest software to design the mitigation equipment, which will perform the desired tasks, under severe adverse site conditions.